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Certified Shalom Bayit Coach
Shalom Bayit

The demands of society place a greater amount of pressure on today’s generation. In general, both spouses work hard outside the home for Parna$$ah (making living) and to raise their family in a religious manner. This leaves almost little or no space for couples to spend quality time with each other to enhance their marriage.

Couples also expect and demand more from each other. Not only do they want the other to listen, but expect their significant other to be able to read between the lines of what is said as well.

The lack of knowledge on proper communication in couples brings them closer than ever to be a part of today’s rising divorce rate. Standing at 60%, this number indicates that it is more likely for a couple in today’s world to get divorced than to spend their lives with each other happily in marriage.

Couples of all ages and background seek some kind of help in their mutual disagreements, and as a spiritual figure, the Rabbi, for the most part, is the first outsider from the family that a couple feels comfortable to share their differences with.

As a Rabbi, a friend, and a person who is mature to meet their life's challenges through Torah based principles, Rabbi Avraham Nissanian using some innovative coaching programs, practical tools and techniques, as it is based on Torah values (rather than outside philosophy or psychology), to bring them to be closer, create a peaceful home and atmosphere, and have a better understanding that our home is our Mikdash.


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