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אש"ל אברהם

International Organization Dedicated to
Jewish Education and Spiritual Growth


Men & Women Weekly Shiurim

When:   Tuesdays ZOOM @ 8:30pm

Where:  Please call for new location

Who:     Rabbi Avraham Nissanian

What:    Topics ranging from Shlom                       Bayit and Weekly Parsha to                     Chagim and HashKafa


Men & Women Weekly Shiurim

When:   Mondays ZOOM @ 8:30pm

Where:  Please call for the location

Who:     Rabbi Avraham Nissanian

What:    Topics ranging from Shlom                        Bayit and Weekly Parsha to                      Chagim and HashKafa

WELCOMEברוכים הבאים

Eshel Avraham Organization is an outreach foundation with a global penetration nonprofit organization founded by Rabbi Avraham Nissanian for the sole purpose of teaching and spreading Torah and Jewish Knowledge in an accessible manner available to Klal Israel. It spreads inspiring Torah lectures around the world (in Hebrew and in English), based on the Parashat Hashavoua פרשת השבוע (the Torah weekly portion) and the Jewish Holidays – חגי ישראל and other topics of our day by day lifestyle. The organization holds various lectures and events to give more Torah experiences to Jews in the local Queens – New York area. Their mission is to inspire and teach fellow Jews the path of the Torah in a meaningful approach.

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Rabbi Avraham Nissanian



Eshel Avraham Organization

P.O. Box 670823

Flushing, NY 11367


Ph. 718.672.7874


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